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With the new eco friendly capsule collection "Better Beyond", BETTER RICH follows the current zeitgeist and designs an innovative product line. Organic cotton and algae or soy fibers are combined to create new plant yarns that flatter the skin and are good for nature at the same time.


The alga impresses with its comfort and lightness as well as active ingredients that stimulate the cell regeneration process, and thus meets today's requirements for an active and health-conscious lifestyle. Soy embodies softness, suppleness and gives the goods the so-called "silk effect" with a high-quality and modern look. The special yarn is soft like cashmere, but much easier to care for. With soy fiber, the protein of the soybean is refined and made usable through special processes. The soy proteins are processed into an extremely light, shiny and silk-like fiber. The dried algae are roughly chopped up, ground and evenly incorporated into a cellulose fiber, which can then be used to manufacture textiles for a wide variety of products.


The Better Beyond Capsule Collection for women includes sporty hoodies with sophisticated details such as the wrap-around hood and the typical Better Beyond lettering on the chest, as well as casual sweatshirts with open edges. Light longsleeves are comfortable on the skin, and airy T-shirts are your favorite basics. The casual pants Beyond complete every outfit with a cozy, casual look.

The fashionable color palette ranges from light OFF WHITE for a creamy white, DAWN for a light gray, to delicate pastel shades such as LAVENDER for a light purple, bright nuances such as LIMELIGHT for a lemony yellow and JADE for a bright green and PAPAYA for a strong orange.