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Better Rich Philosophy


Cherish your life,

respect one another,

be good to yourself &

save our planet



In each of our collections, since the beginning of BETTER RICH in 2010, there is love, passion and the conviction of the importance of high quality collections in urban design, reflecting the respect for customers.


The origin of BETTER RICH is in New York, more precisely in the Meetpacking District - around the popular Gansevoort Street.


New York stands - like no other metropolis - for freedom, informality and a place where "being different" is a positive attitude.


In this melting pot of cultures, creative ideas of cosmopolitan impressions have the chance to grow into something new and individual. Equally important here is the appreciation of a person itself. Appreciation combined with respect, tolerance, interest, goodwill - and attention.


BETTER RICH transports this message through authentic fashion in special colors and individual design.


j u s t   b e   y o u r s e l f