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New York

New York, Meatpacking District:

An exciting scene in which art, fashion and architecture set the tone. The unique flair is the inspiration for the BETTER RICH collection and is reflected in the label's collections: cool, creative and high quality. BETTER RICH means casual and authentic sportswear for boys and girls, men and women, young and old. The casual lifestyle knows no generation boundaries.

BETTER RICH: Casual sportswear for women, men and children. The collection includes t-shirts and polos, pants, hoodies, sweatshirts and knitwear. The style is simple in noble, gray-tinged colors. The prints, embroidery and applications take up terms such as 976 Gansevoort, New York, Meatpacking District and, last but not least, BETTER RICH. With the words pleasant, cozy and soft everything is said about wearing comfort.

At BETTER RICH, quality, design and comfort are paramount. A claim that all products meet. The materials are high quality and durable. Fine Italian yarns are used and only quality buttons made of wood or mother-of-pearl are used. Another special detail and original gimmick are the extraordinary zippers: The shape of the slide is based on the closure of lemonade cans. Just one example of the interplay between quality and design.

It is these "small" details that make BETTER RICH special. The demand for quality and individuality runs through every fiber of the collection. BETTER RICH goods are always washed, which means a particularly soft finish. The cotton goods are pepped up with teddy fur, cashmere sewing and high-quality applications. And at BETTER RICH, knitting is not just knitting, but is given a nice grip thanks to specially selected wool blends.

The look already makes you want to touch it and everyone who has ever felt BETTER RICH and, at best, wore it, will be convinced. BETTER RICH is cool sportswear, made for everyone who values ​​good and doesn't want to bend. Whether for a long-haul flight, cozy in the evening on the couch or on a casual Friday in the office - the models are suitable for everyday use, comfortable and can do (almost) anything.

BETTER RICH: You will love every single part.